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A #1 Amazon Best Seller! A tale of ultimate terror by the author of Devils Glen. "The perfect book to curl up with for a good scare." Matthew Speak's The Last House is a thrilling supernatural mystery that will keep you guessing until the shocking final act.

You can't move away from your nightmares.

After decades of living in a haunted house, Steve and Mara Spain have had enough. Steve’s anxiety-fueled nightmares have increased with each passing year. To find peace, he takes a leave of absence from his law firm to build a home on ten acres of forest near the quaint town of Maquoketa, Iowa. A place to retire—their last house.

But these woods are not empty...

When the mother of a missing girl begs Steve to investigate her daughter’s cold case, he’s initially happy for the distraction. But as he peels back the layers of her story, he unexpectedly finds himself on a journey into the shadowy heart of small-town America, and the dark recesses of his own troubled mind.

To find the girl, Steve must confront the demons he’s avoided since childhood—or succumb to them forever.

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"Seek the gates and save the boy."

Welcome to Bettendorf. At first glance, it seems like a typical Midwestern town, but take a closer look and you might be surprised.

High schooler Jack Davies sees the darkness coming; he lives with it. Cold voices call out from the closet door; dead hands reach up from under his bed. Although he doesn't know it, Jack wields a great power.

Now, a smooth-talking preacher has come to town promising freedom and redemption for all who follow his words. But like Jack, this preacher has a secret. Those who heed his call find themselves pawns in his plan to awaken an ancient evil, long ago imprisoned in the dank caves of Devils Glen Park.

With the help of a widowed police officer, a babysitter, and a mysterious spirit called Ava, Jack must find the truth about his hidden power in time to battle the dark forces that have descended upon his town. If he fails, our world will be cast into darkness forever.

"Though the gates are closed, something made it through."

All is quiet now in the sleepy town of Bettendorf, Iowa, but the peace is only an illusion. Having survived his first harrowing test with the Devils of the Glen, Jack Davies wishes for nothing more than to go back to his normal teenage life. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for him. He must travel out of Bettendorf and enter the mysterious land known only as the Woodland of Weird, where he will face his greatest challenge, against powers both dark and light. For good does not own the day, and evil no longer lives in the shadows.

Jack's friends find themselves separated by miles and dimensions, as the forces of evil continue to close in. Lara must make her way through a bizarre new world to get back home. Randy's mind echoes with the voice of an adversary he thought was dead. Mark and Jennifer must face a hard choice between the safety of their new home and the dangers of the wood in order to rescue a friend.

And out there waiting for all of them is a creature of nightmares, known only as the Dreadman.

After this journey, everything will change.

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